Who we are ?

KILLAZ is a collection of 9,971 heroes and villians who have infested Crash City. Each one has honed their killer instincts with armor, weapons, masks, accessories, and special powers. Minting a KILLA gives exclusive access to all drops in and out of Crash City. In development is a turn based RPG built around the KILLAZ characters. Every piece of the game will be tokenized and distributed to our holders so the community will own the game and share in its success.

About the game

The KILLAz universe is set in Crash City, a fictional world filled with all types of KILLAz. In the game, you will battle through the city, fighting other KILLAz and monsters in an attempt to reconnect with the Overlord.


The game is a turn-based 2d RPG. If you've played games like Final Fantasy, you'll be familiar with the playstyle and feel. You will party up and fight your way through the city, with a band of KILLAz to control.

The KILLAz RPG will be broken down into individual chapters to allow for community feedback and to decide the direction of the franchise.

Tokenized Game

To give an ownership stake in the game, the game itself will be fractionalized, tokenized and distributed to KILLAz holders. This is a single event that will happen when the first KILLAz game is released.

This gives KILLAZ owners additional ownership and stake in the success of all future games that are released.

Fighting Game

Due to our roadmap getting blown out in 14 minutes, we will begin development on a fighting game once the RPG has been created. This will be another way to band together as a community and battle with one another to determine who is the best KILLA.

The team behind Killaz

Overlord - Project Manager

Background in crypto since 2013 and NFT’s since 2020. NFT enthusiast since the first mint and never looked back. Enjoys creating and building in this new frontier and coming up with new and unique ways to implement NFT technology.

Ivan - Developer

Seasoned developer with a background in crypto payments, blockchain supply chain, and NFT’s. Has served as lead blockchain developer and advisor on multiple NFT projects.

Anem Projects - Lead Artist

Anem is an Indonesian artist that specializes in freehand digital methods. His style is defined as a semi-realistic manga style, however he also enjoys creating a comic book style or even combining both!

Talesbybob - RPG Script Writer

Talesbybob is an artist in a range of mediums including writing, short films, and podcasts. He specializes in a number of genres including urban fantasy, horror, southern gothic, steampunk, cyberpunk, and fantasy.

Lunarproject - Game Design

She has a strong background in gaming and gaming development at all stages from design to art. Lunarproject has a background in many different game styles from 2d rpgs to point and click adventures.

Yamnby - Game Developer, Map Design

Yamnby is a game developer from Colombia who specializes in the RPGmaker engine among others. He is a master in map and item design, building creation, environment creation.

And More… To develop a project takes time and dedication from many people that are not directly credited with the project including advisors, countless new and old friends, as well as you, the community. As KILLAz comes to life, we will be looking for your input to decide the direction that the community takes. Want to see something in our game, just let us know! We are happy to listen to all suggestions.


9971/9971 - Sold out

Phase 1

Complete successful minting and project launch, develop community first and build strong foundation with volume and holders.


Phase 2

Host successful AMAs and Twitter Spaces to share more details about RPG game. Sneak peeks of Alpha version of the game, and successful release of Lady KILLAz (1:1) with unique attributes and weapons (1:1).


Phase 3

Release Alpha version of our turn-based RPG game intended to demonstrate capabilities, and more importantly put in users hands for testing and feedback to improve upon the game.


Phase 4

Begin release of game assets which will be tokenized, fractionalized and distributed including scripts, animations, and characters. Allowing KILLAz holders to own a piece of the original game and share in its success.


Phase 5

Complete Final Version of KILLAz RPG Game with playable KILLAz matching that of the user, community-influenced improvements, and play-to-earn features.


Phase 6

Begin advancement of KILLAz V2 ‘Battle Game,’ while developing future chapters of the RPG game until we grow KILLAz into a dominant gaming franchise.